Attendance at the conference is by invitation only, and letters of invitation are being sent out in February 1996. If you receive an invitation and wish to attend LINAC96, you should fill in the registration form and send it by post or by fax to the LINAC96 Secretariat, together with the payment of conference fee, Gala dinner, etc.

Alternatively, you may use this electronic registration form if your WWW browser handles forms - a confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail; or if your browser does not handle forms, there is a text form, which you can print out, fill in and e-mail (, fax (+41 22 767 91 45) or post back to us, not forgetting to arrange your payment.

This should be done as soon as possible and not later than 14 June 1996.

If you do not receive an invitation in February 1996 and would like to attend the conference, please contact the Linac96 Secretariat (by e-mail or fax).


Be aware of certain deadlines.

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