Invited Speakers

Author           Affiliation    Subject       

U. Amaldi           Univ.of Milan    TERA Programme : Medical Applications of 
                                     Protons and Ions

S. Arai             INS, Tokyo       Beam Test Results of the INS RFQ/IH Linac 

J. Billen           LANL             Smooth Transverse and Longitudinal Focusing
                                     in High-Intensity Ion Linacs
D.K.C. Chan         LANL             Conceptual Design of a Superconducting High 
                                     Intensity Proton Linac   

S. Chattopadhyay    LBNL             Rôle of Lasers in Linear Accelerators

J. Clendenin        SLAC             RF Photoinjectors   

M. Dohlus           DESY             Accelerating Structures for Multibunches

B. Dunham           CEBAF            CEBAF, A Status Report

A. Enomoto          KEK              Upgrade to the 8 GeV Electron Linac for KEKB     

G. Fortuna          INFN, Legnaro    Status of ALPI and Related Developments of 
                                     Superconducting Structures

W. Gai              ANL              Performance of the Argonne Wakefield 
                                     Accelerator (AWA) Facility and Initial 
                                     Experimental Results 

G. Geschonke        CERN             Superconducting Structures for High Intensity
                                     Linac Applications

H. Haseroth         CERN             Lead Ion Injector at CERN

H. Hayano           KEK              ATF Linac Commissioning  

C. Hovater          CEBAF            Operational Experience with the
                                     CEBAF Control System

E. Knapp            Santa Fe Inst.   New Directions for Science

H. Kugler           CERN             Laser Ion Source Development for Heavy Ions      

C. Llewellyn Smith  CERN             Physics at LHC   

G.A. Loew           SLAC             Review of Linear Colliders  

H. Matsumoto        KEK              Dark Currents 

J.A. Nolen          ANL              Overview of Linac Applications at Future 
                                     Radioactive Beam Facilities               

M. Pabst            KFA, Jülich      Halo Simulation in a Realistic Proton 
                                     Linac Design

R.B. Palmer         BNL              The Design of High Luminosity µ+ µ- Colliders

W.K.H. Panofsky     SLAC             The Creation of SLAC Leading to 30 Years 
                                     of Operation

M. Promé            CEA              Major Projects for the Use of High Power Linacs

U. Ratzinger        GSI              The New GSI Injector Linac for High Current 
                                     Heavy Ion Beams

T.O. Raubenheimer   SLAC             SLC Status and NLC Design and R&D

M. Ross             SLAC             High Performance Spot Size Monitors

J. Rossbach         DESY             New Linac Based FEL Projects using Bright 
                                     Electron Beams

D.J. Schneider      LANL             APT Accelerator Technology

A. Sery             BINP             Ground Motion Studies with respect to Linac    

M.E. Thuot          LANL             The Success and the Future of EPICS

A. Ueno             KEK              Beam Test of the Preinjector and the 3 MeV
                                     H- RFQ with a New Field Stabilizer PISL

A. Wambersie        UCL              Medical Applications of Electron Linacs        

D.X. Wang           CEBAF            Measurement of Short Bunches

R. Wanzenberg       DESY             Review of Beam Dynamics and Instabilities in 
                                     Linear Colliders

M.M. White          ANL              Construction, Commissioning and Operational 
                                     Experience of the Advanced Photon Source (APS)
                                     Linear Accelerator

I. Wilson           CERN             The CLIC Test Facilities - Status and Results

P.B. Wilson         SLAC             Advanced RF Power Sources for Linacs

Y. Yamazaki         KEK              Design Issues for High-Intensity, High-Energy 
                                     Proton Accelerators

S. S-L. Yu          LBNL             Review of New Developments in the Field of 
                                     Induction Linacs (Electrons and Ions)

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