The address of the LINAC96 Secretariat is :
                             LINAC96 Secretariat
                             c/o Susan Neboux
                             PS Division
                             1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
E-Mail      :
Telefax     : +41 22 767.91.45
Telephones  : +41 22 767.25.23, +41 22 767.20.37, +41 22 767.26.06

Susan Neboux   Catherine Galmant   Tjitske Kehrer   Emma Bryant

Secretariat during the Conference

The secretariat registration desk will be open at the Hotel Penta as follows :

You are strongly encouraged to register on Sunday to avoid the rush on Monday morning.

When you register with the Secretariat you will receive a badge which gives access to the conference sessions, and which we ask you to wear at all times; lunch will only be served to those wearing their badge. You will also receive a folder containing the latest programme information, tickets for the pre-paid Gala dinner, touristic information, etc.

The Secretariat will try to answer any questions you may have. Small amounts of photocopies can be made by the Secretariat, and faxes can be sent, although the cost price of the call will be charged. Private phone calls can be made via the public call boxes in the Penta.

Several computer terminals (see location) will be available for you to use to contact your home institute.

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sln 14 August 1996